Friday, December 9, 2011

Our first Deaf event!

Last Saturday, we went to our first event in the Deaf community.  It was sponsored by the Marion Downs Hearing Center, Colorado Hands and Voices, and Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.  It was a fun holiday party.  There were craft projects, cookie decorating (Kaitlyn had two!), Christmas carols and stories, and Santa visited!

As you can tell, Kaitlyn was not excited about Santa.  We had to pry her off of Brad and I had to go up with her.  The funny thing is,that no more than 30 minutes before this, she saw him outside as we were coming in and she was pretty excited!

It was a nice time, but it was a small event and there were not that many people there.  And all of the ones I spoke with were professionals.  I have emailed a little bit with a "Guide by your Side" through Hands and Voices and she was there, so it was nice to meet her in person.  And there were quite a few children there with cochlear implants.  The first ones I have seen in person.  I know Eric is going to be fine, but it is reassuring to see other children that are older.  Talking (and some signing) and seeming like every other kid in the world.

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