Friday, February 10, 2012


Well, on Wednesday, I found out that we got denied by the insurance company for Eric's surgery.  "He does not meet the medical requirements for cochlear implants" the rep says to me.  Excuse me?!  I promptly asked her to send me the report and include the appeal information because that will be happening.  = )  Turns out it's only that they will not authorize it prior to his being 12 months old.  OK.  Fine.  It's only two months from now.  The odds of getting on the schedule for March was slim anyway. 

So now we are waiting some more.  Unfortunately I need to convince the hospital personnel to pressure the insurance company for a conditional approval.  They wanted to wait to just appeal after his birthday.  But the conditional approval seems like an obvious, simple answer to our problem.  He will be 12 months when the surgery takes place, so shouldn't common sense say yes?  The doctor is only doing surgery one day in April.  I want Eric on the schedule!

But I'm trying to be patient.  It is not one of my strong suits.  I keep reminding myself that a one or even two month delay will not hurt Eric's speech for the rest of his life.  We will get approval.  And more importantly, he's not sick.  I'm sure there are plenty of parents out there fighting their insurance company for children that are very ill and that puts my frustration in perspective and I have to continue to be thankful.