Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eric spoke today!

Eric spoke today!  OK, OK, maybe he didn't exactly speak, but he formed a sound and then repeated it.  "Da. Da."

He has never made a 'd' sound before. Or any other sound that wasn't laughter or a purely instintctual "mmm" or "aaa".  And also, he only makes those noises when you are playing with him.  So today, he was just climbing in and out of a chair - when he sat down and said "Da. Da." And  then started climbing again.

This is a small but exciting step to us.  I know he is hearing us. We see his reactions more and more every day. Now we are seeing his brain start to use the new information that he is getting!  So exciting...

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  1. How awesome! What a blessing. I love hearing these updates. :)